10 Real-Estate Agent Marketing Ideas

Real-estate agent marketing is an essential element to building brand awareness and even getting clients. The world of marketing has changed so dramatically in the past 3 years and it’s a fantastic opportunity for new real-estate agent. In this blog post, I’m going to share techniques that have worked for me as a new agent.

10. Direct Mail

Direct mail is ancient and is still one of the best ways to market in real-estate. Most industries have found mailers unprofitable, but direct mail is a powerful way to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Produce seller leads
  • Contact EVERY person
  • The cost is the only down side!

9. Google Banners (GDN)

Google banners at one time had click thru rates of %10, but banner ads have one of the lowest click rate. If utilized correctly, banner ads can produce quality clicks but you have to RETARGET.

  • Very powerful way to reintroduce yourself to those that interacted with your social media
  • Great way to market listings
  • Once set up, “flip a switch” and you’re ready to go

8. Instagram

At one time, Instagram was thought to be the “next big thing” but hype around Instagram has dwindled greatly.

  • Paid Instagram ads are cheaper and more effective
  • Less people are doing it
  • Access to powerful, Facebook paid advertising platform
  • You can build an Instagram following organically
  • It’s a dumpster fire of people flexing and very creepy people hitting you up in the DM’s

7. Youtube Paid Ads

Youtube paid ads are effective and can build massive brand awareness.

  • Expensive
  • Not effective unless you have content that people can watch
  • Interrupting people’s content and haters ensue

6. Facebook video

This involves taking avideo uploading it to Facebook and blasting it out to a cold audience

  • Massive brand recognition
  • Incredibly cheap
  • Not many people are doing it right now
  • You can get leads
  • Best way to build a warm audience

5. Facebook Custom Audiences, Look-Alike, and re-targeting with pixels

  • You can build hyper targeted lists of people and market to your database
  • Build a huge audience of people that have watched your video
  • Try to get people to opt-in

4. SEO

3. Designing very stream lined, branded, and unique marketing pieces

2. Email Marleting

  1. Youtube

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