10 Real-Estate Open House Tips [2019]

Open houses aren’t rocket science. People go in. They look at the house. You talk to them. They leave. The over-arching goal of any open house is get the most people in the door. More people = higher likehood that you get a client.

  1. Make sure that you have a good location

A poor location will DESTROY an open houses success! Make sure that they location is near a busy road and is convenient.

Example: I once held a very successful open house right outside a busy shopping center. It was in a high price range. I got a client from it.

2. Pick houses that are above average price range, but not SUPER luxury.

A house that is just a BIT nicer then the average person can afford is what people usually start with until they figure out they can’t really afford it! Sad truth.

3. Put out 5-10 directional signs a few days before

Obviously the more signs the better, but 5-10 is the sweet spot. Best advice = put directional signs on the signs of busy roads!

4. Put out a flag next to the sign.

For some reason flags help get people in the door. They’re eye catching and real-estate signs can get lost in the sea of yard sale, buy my house, etc, signs.

5. Freebies

Unless the house is super luxury and high-end, keep it simple or you will overspend. DON’T offer alcohol!!!!!!!!! My favorite is San Pellegrino and hummus. Food will keep people inside and get them talking.

6. Facebook Ad

Run a targeted Facebook ad to the neighbors. If the ad is a hit, start showing it to a wider audience. Join my Facebook group for copies of the Ads that I use to run.

7. Door Knocking

Door knocking is actually a very effective way to get people into an open house, but it’s not fun. Doorknock around an open house for maximum exposure.

8. Ask if they’d like an “e-brochure”

When people come into the openhouse, they often want information. Offer them an e-brochure of the property. Follow up with them via e-mail.

9. Be knowledgeable

The issue most agents have when they first start is that they aren’t incredibly knowledgeable about what’s going on in the market. Research some stats and statistics beforehand so that you can answer questions.

10. Circle Dial

Most people want to be “invited” out to things. Calling and inviting people out via phone is a very powerful method to build a database.

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