5 Great Real-Estate Books In 2018

In this blog post I’m going to share my top 5 real estate agents book in 2017 and include books that are lesser well-known and not at the top of Amazon. These are also books that I’d consider business books aimed at entrepreneurs trying to maximize profit and increase sale!


  1. 101 Ways To Increase Your Sales

This is a book I stumbled upon on GenLib.Rus (essentially a book search engine for free books). You could buy the book through Amazon, but there aren’t very many copies left. The book was written in 1996 and is the only sales book I can find that is systematic and isn’t the ramblings of  a”sales guru”. Also has a very systematic approach to sales objections which I loved.


2# Outsmarting The System

The book has a very sketchy name, BUT it is a fantastic book for small-business owners that want to reduce tax liability and FULLY utilize real-estate to avoid taxes. It is not complicated at all and does a great job helping me understand the tax system and why the %1 don’t pay taxes. If you are interested in aggressive real estate tax strategies, get this book.


#3 92 Ways To Talk To Anyone

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This is one of those books that “changed my life”. If you are awkward, have issues talking to the opposite sex, and/or stand in the corner at networking events READ THIS BOOK. Before I read this book, I despised networking events. Now I’d consider myself the ultimate networking master (my friends would agree too)!


#4 The Book On Negotiating Real-Estate

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This is one of those books that should be handed out to new real-estate agents! The person reading this must have a PH.D in negotiating. I took ENTIRE courses in business school for negotiating and this book blows away the college textbooks (surprising….i know!).

  • Loaded with info-graphics
  • Comes with “real-life” examples to apply to your business
  • Written in a clear, concise fashion and not filled with MBA jargon


#5 Fanatical Prospecting

Fanatical Prospecting is a great sales book for a few reason:

1. It teaches you the mindset behind professional sales people

2. Lays a great foundation for those entering the real-estate sales industry

3. Packed with great content that AND very solid sales scripts

4. Help people get over the fear of cold-calling

5. Very motivating

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