Affordable Neighborhoods in Wilmington, NC

In Wilmington, NC it can be difficult finding an affordable neighborhood in a good area. Many people perceive Wilmington, NC as an expensive place to live, there are plenty of affordable neighborhoods in Wilmington! When searching for homes in Wilmington here are neighborhoods that offer great value:


My top 5 subdivisions in Wilmington, NC!


  1. Greenway Village Townhomes

Compared to other units nearby, the townehomes are massive in size at nearly 1,300 squarefeet. These units are priced around $100-120,00o and are one of the only units in this price range I recommend for:

  • Parents of students that are interested in a “kiddo-condo”
  • Great location near campus
  • Affordable
  • Has a dog park

Compared to other units nearby, the townehomes are massive in size at nearly 1,300 squarefeet.


2. Sea Hawk Square (I really hesitated with this one)

This particular condo complex is a hotel that “went condo” (hotel that turn individual units into condos). These can be great for:

  1. Investor (Units produce %10 returns)
  2. Student that wants to live near campus
  3. Individual that wants a studio to themselves for a decent price

The only bad part about these condos is that they are very small (only ~400 Sqft) and they are older in comparison to most units. Also, these units have not appreciated well BUT the higher returns easily compensate! BE WARNED: I’ve heard many horror stories about Sea Hawk Square!

If you are looking for a truly “cheap” place to live, this and Campus Edge condos would be an option.


3. King’s Grant

King’s Grant is a brick rancher neighborhood in Wilmington and is one of the largest subdivisions in Wilmington. There are a wide variety of builders that developed homes in the neighborhood, but most are:

  • 3 Bed / 2 Bath
  • 1,200-1,800 Sqft
  • Brick rancher, but there are some traditional style homes in the neighborhood!



Alandale Subdivision

This particular subdivision is VERY similar to King’s Grant. It is your classic 1960’s brick rancher neighborhood and has a great location right off of North Kerr Ave! Key differences from King’s Grant:

  • Far smaller subdivision
  • Far more “uniform” (the only thing in this neighborhood is brick ranchers)
  • Large elderly population
  • Just outside of city limits, so very little taxes!


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