Being A Part-Time Realtor (ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Being a part time agent is not something I would recommend. I had a horrible experience being a part-time agent. BUT if you have no other choice, I wrote a quick guide for you. If you are considering a part-time job as an agent, here are my tips to making it.



1.You need to focus on getting out of your other job at all costs

Don’t plan on staying in that part-time job for a long time, because the end goal is to be a full time agent. While working your other job you need to focus on how you can get out, work for a team, and/or become a salaried agent. Staying in limbo between the two jobs will make your life a living hell. Call other agents, companies, and/or real-estate teams to see if they have any positions available that will provide you enough cash to meet living expenses and practice real-estate.



2. New Construction is a great choice

Often times new construction is a great choice for new agents, because the business comes to you! Often times the jobs come salaried, with benefits, and many other perks. The construction company I work for lets me sit on site, pick up new clients, and sell outside!



3. You need to be upfront about your part-time real-estate to new clients.

My clients were very understanding of my situation (but most of them are investors so they did not need to be shown houses like a first time buyer would). Let your clients know that you are working a part-time job and don’t conceal it. If you are hard-working outside they more then likely won’t mind and will work within your schedule.



4. Being a part-time agent is not going to be fun

Please heed this warning. Part-time real-estate is not fun. In order to make any form of a salary, you will have to donate large amounts of time to real-estate. This time will eat up any sort of free time you have. While I worked both jobs, I had no life. I literally worked all day, everyday. It was a very sad existence and something I would never do again! Guide on how-to quit your job for real-estate (the right way)


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