Best Neighborhoods To Live In Wilmington, NC 2017

Wilmington is fairly large city, so choosing an neighborhood can be daunting. Remember these neighborhoods aren’t an all inclusive list, but more or less a list of Wilmington’s most popular neighborhoods. So by price here are the best neighborhoods to live in Wilmington:


Under $125K (Walnut Hills):

Trying to buy a house in Walnut Hills can be like trying to fight a bunch of hungry lions for a piece of steak. The competition is fierce because it’s one of the few places in Wilmington to get a decent property under $110K.

  • Located close to town (but a little further out)
  • Great for investors
  • Near wetlands
  • Has a rural vibe


$125-150,000K (Greenway Village):

Greenway Village is a townhome complex located a few blocks from UNCW.

  • Huge amounts of space (3bed/3bath 1,300sqft)
  • The HOA is very strict
  • They make great investment units and produce income
  • Has a lake and a dog park
  • Great location near UNCW


$150-200,000 (Kings Grant):

King’s Grant is one of the largest subdivisions in Wilmington and is nearly all brick ranchers.

  • It’s close to UNCW, the beach, but still allows you to have big lots.
  • Brick ranchers tend to hold value well
  • Great investment neighborhood
  • Great chances to gain equity by buying cheap and renovating

$200-250K (Ogden):

Ogden is a suburban sprawl and just a GIANT mesh of family-oriented subdivisions:

  • All houses tend to be newer and traditional architecture
  • Very, very safe
  • Good schools
  • Lots of new construction and top-notch builders

$250-300K (Windemere, Long Leaf Acres):

I call Windemere the “champagne of brick ranchers” because:

  • There are very large, higher-end brick ranchers in the neighborhood
  • Awesome, Up-and-coming Location
  • There’s tons of diversity in the neighborhood with a variety of different architecture styles to choose from.
  • Located within walking distance to Mayfaire shopping center


$200-300 Carolina Place & Ardmore

  • Up & coming
  • Very fashionable
  • Cottage Style
  • Great neighborhood
  • Older homes that have been flipped

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