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Carolina Beach is one of Wilmington’s most popular beaches and tourist attractions. This beach is often referred to as the “Redneck Riveria” by locals, but don’t let the moniker scare you! There are many great things about this particular beach that make it particularly attractive to relocationers and tourist alike. Here are some unique characteristics to Carolina Beach:



#1 It’s VERY affordable

Many individuals are stunned when they see the prices of real-estate on Wrightsville beach. A 1bed/1bath junker on Wrightsville Beach will not sell for less then $300K. While on Carolina Beach, you can easily get a condo for less then $150,000. Not to mention that the low prices allow properties to cash-flow at much higher rates!  If you are looking for value, Carolina Beach is a great way to own beach real-estate and get access to the exact same amenities as Wrightsville Beach (without the huge costs).



#2 The city is rebounding from a “loss of vision”

At one time, Carolina Beach was home to mostly dive bar’s, cheap motels, and bad restaurants. This disintegration in the cities planning is mostly attributed to local government leaders more or less falling asleep at the wheel.

The city is now springing back to life as a re-invented family beach and the results speak for themselves. The boardwalk at Carolina Beach is occupied by higher-end restaurants, Harris Teeter is building a new store, and new development is abound. I can’t predict the future, but past results do predict future outcomes!


#3 Far-less developed

For any beachtown, less development can be an awesome thing. A quaint, charming vibe is felt when a city has cottage-style homes and big yards. Carolina Beach has a family friendly with a bit a Jersey Shore thrown into the mix..


Things To Do In Carolina Beach


  • The Boardwalk


The boardwalk in Carolina Beach is great due to it’s proximity to NICE hotels. The Hampton Inn is located just across from the boardwalk and this allows visitors to have shopping, restaurants/bars, and mini golf to be situated just outside!

Although the shops are nice, I’d highly suggest staying away from the theme park rides. Many of the rides look worn from the salt air!


  • Carolina Beach State Park

If you’re interested in trails, fishing, wildlife, and the ICWW, Carolina Beach State Park is a GREAT place to visit. The park itself is MASSIVE and covers a huge portion of Carolina Beach.

  • Carolina/Kure Beach Pier

The Kure Beach pier is known for great surfing, fishing, and has a smaller boardwalk of it’s own.The Kure Beach pier can be found near the “Seven Seas” hotel.

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