EFFECTIVE Real-Estate Door Knocking Script

Real-estate door knocking is an effective way to procure leads if you can’t afford mailers, advertising, and/or have just started in real-estate. It’s not for the faint of heart and it takes some serious balls, but it’s FREE and effective. Here’s is my door knocking script,




1.Schedule an open-house for the weekend

This should be fairly easy to do. Call another agent with a listing and ask if you can sit an open house. 99% of agents will be more then happy to let you hold an open house (unless there’s a bad tenant/finicky seller inside).


2. Print of flyers for the open house.

The flyers don’t have to be fancy and can even be black and white. Just make sure they have 3 things: 1. A Date & Time 2. The address 3. Pictures of the house.


3. Dress nicely and prepare to door knock

Don’t dress in anything less then business casual. Also, don’t over dress.


Actual Script:


This script comes in 3 simple parts. The foundation of door-knocking is: NEVER EVER ASK SOMEONE IF THEY WANT TO SELL THEIR HOUSE FIRST THING!!!!!!! That’s really all there is to door-knocking!





Calmly walk to the door with a neutral smile. (Don’t look mad and don’t have a huge fake smile on your face).

They will open the door

       “Hi, My name is Teddy Smith. I’m a real-estate agent with Coldwell Banker”



“I’d just like to invite you out to my open house on 321 Main Street.”

Hand them your open house flyer.



“Have you yourself ever thought about moving anytime soon or selling your property?”

Prospect: “No”

More Real-Estate Agent Door Knocking Tips!

Congratulations! You just learned door-to-door sales! I say that somewhat jokingly, but door-knocking is over complicated to the point of insanity! There’s no such thing as a “master” door knocking salesman. The keypoint is door-knocking as many people as possible. It’s truly a “numbers game”. For a more in-depth look at door knocking, check out this.


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