How-To Farm In Real-Estate (And Not Go Broke)

Farming in real-estate is THE MOST important skill you can possibly have and I wish it’s something I learned way earlier in my career. Not applying an almost mechanized strategy to your marketing/prospecting efforts will leave you burned-out with no leads in site. Here is the way that I farm and it’s produced great results.



  1. Pick an area with little competition

Look in areas that are not dominated by powerful, well-known brokers. Drive around and look for neighborhoods with discount brokers, no name agents, and “Small Town Realty” companies.

Beating out sleazy %1 brokers should be a snap



2. Send out a self-addressed mailer introducing yourself

Personally address the envelope and include a black-white copied letter introducing yourself.


Hi, My name is Teddy Smith and I’m a local real-estate agent with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage! I’m very knowledgable about the *insert subdivision*. If you have ever considered selling your property please e-mail/call/ or text me at any time.


3. Start cold-calling the same day

After you got your mailers ready, start calling around the neighborhood.

Simply state “I am a local real-estate agent. I live in the area. I was wondering if you had an thoughts on selling your property”

Main reason I cold-call after mailers: Anybody that picks up will immediately receive a letter from me, further solidifying my branding.



4. When you find somebody that is interested.


*IMMEDIATELY* put them in your database and include a description about them. Find out why they are selling, plans to move, and TIME PERIOD THEY WANT TO SELL.

If they’re ready to sell now: Schedule an appointment to see the house.

If they’re planning on selling further down the road: Add them to the database.



5. Follow-up (But not too much)

Ever had an annoying salesperson calling you every day? Don’t be that guy. The trick it to follow-up consistently with valuable information or or appropriate greeting cards.



6. Repeat mailing, callings, and door-knocking

Repeat the mailing process with more self-addressed letters. Be sure to change up the letters in some way. Maybe include any recent developments, any of your new listings, or maybe some type of event you are hosting.


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