How-To Get To Masonboro Island in Wilmington, NC

Masonboro Island in Wilmington has somewhat of a “mystique” to it. It’s none widely as a MASSIVE deserted island right just minutes outside the city and for it’s great surfing waves. Here are a few things you should know about Masonboro Island:


  1. You have to take a boat to get there

The reason the vast majority of locals have never seen or been to Masonboro is that it’s only accessible by boat (or swimming across the inlet which I DO NOT recommend. People drink and drive boats here).

  • You hire a water taxi for $25 dollars to take you across (I recommend “Captain Joe’s”)
  • Have a friend with a boat take you
  • Swim across the inlet (Once again. Drunk boaters everywhere. Be careful. People still do it.)
  • There’s rumors of a way to get on the inlet by land, but it’s private property and/or I’ve never found it

Things to know about Masonboro Island


2. There’s MILES of untouched nature out there

When I say untouched nature I really mean it. When you go on the island there are no bathrooms, trash cans, buildings, structures, etc. It’s a nature preserve and a turtle sanctuary. Nothing else exists on this island. It’s very beautiful and somewhat eerie to not see a single person on a 8 mile stretch of beach.



3. The waves are GREAT for surfing

The waves on Masonboro are great because they’re better formed and don’t break directly on the beach. Also, you’ll be hard pressed to find a line-up on Masonboro due to the fact of it’s difficulty to access.




Many people don’t know this but Masonboro Island allows you to camp out on the beach. “Primitive campfires” are allowed and you can spend as much time on the island as you want.

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