Is Wilmington, NC A Safe Place To Live?

Almost anywhere you go in the world, crime is inevitable. Within the city limits of Wilmington there are close to ~100,000 people and current reports state that Wilmington crime is at an all time low. Here are some of the statistics when it comes to how Wilmington compares in crime:


Wilmington: 5,241 Reported Annual Crimes Per 100K

Charlotte: 4,445 Reported Annual Crimes Per 100K

Raleigh: 3,097 Reported Annual Crimes Per 100K

Greensboro: 4,165 Reported Annual Crime Per 100K


Answer: Yes, Wilmington does have an issue with high crime, but so does almost any city. What makes Wilmington so different?

  1. Wilmington is a port city.

Port cities are very unique in many aspects and any port is going to provide an influx of goods. Not all of those goods are going to be beneficial for the societal structure of the city (I’m referring to drugs). Wilmington is widely known as a place to party. Many people have different definitions of “partying”, but downtown Wilmington can be a wild place and there’s a big drug scene. Make sure to check out, the pros and cons of living in Wilmington!

It’s no secret among locals, that downtown Wilmington is the most dangerous area of the city by far. I’m no scientist, but a mixture of imported drugs, college students, partying tourist, poverty, and alcohol are a very likely cause of why downtown has such a bad reputation!

The areas with the lightest blue (or white) coloring have the most crime.

Overall, if you are worried about crime, stay away from downtown! 


2. Wilmington is a college town

If you’ve ever spent ANY time on a college campus, you will understand that colleges aren’t as safe as people think they are. Any university is going to have drunk college students. Referring back to the picture, the areas near the College are more crime ridden.

For those curious, I live near the college. In fact, I live on a road that is somewhat infamous (South Kerr). Overall, the areas near the college aren’t incredibly dangerous, but I would never leave anything valuable in your car at night! Just remember: there’s good and bad places to live near the school. If you search hard enough, you can usually find something safe. Please refer to my blog article on safe places to live in Wilmington.

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