I’ve lived in Wilmington close to 5 years now and I’ve worked for Coldwell Banker since the beginning. Overall, I love Wilmington, real-estate, and technology (in the order). If I’m not working, I’m usually paddleboarding, running, or coding.

Most people are familiar with my local channel but I am also a well-known realtor on a national level with another popular Realtor/Investing channel (called “Teddy Smith” compared to my vlogging channel “teddy smith”).

Overall, I keep things low-key and just try to be myself. Most of the knowledge that I have about the market is from cold-calling thousands upon thousands of property owners, social media, and networking. I’m also a commercial Realtor with a few years of experience. There’s very few types of real-estate in Wilmington that I’m not familiar with!

As my social media presence has grown, so have the amounts of messages and calls I get! Please be aware that I’m commissioned-based and very busy.