3 FREE Ways To Market Yourself As An Agent

If you have read some of my other blog posts, my common theme around business is “cheap” and/or “low-cost” ways to operate. This isn’t because I am some sort of money obsessed cheap skate! It’s really because I believe the BEST ways to market in today’s world are FREE. Here are some of the way you can market yourself as an agent:


  1. Content Marketing

In today’s world there’s a lot of hype around content marketing and what it can do for business owners. In my opinion, this hype is deserved. Content marketing has been a huge source of exposure and business for me. The vast majority of “eye balls” come from Youtube and this blog. The best thing about content marketing is that once it’s up and running, it produces a constant stream of exposure. The bad thing about content marketing is that it takes a LONG time to get started and is incredibly time consuming.


Here’s who I got my start:

  1. I started writing blogs, but nobody was looking at them.
  2. To get traffic, I started tweeting other real-estate bloggers. They looked at my stuff, tweeted me, etc.
  3. I started Youtube to get traffic, because I saw other people doing it.
  4. My blog got organic traffic, which drove traffic to my Youtube vice versa.


Here’s an article on how I drive traffic to my blog.


2. Starting Clubs

We all know that feeling as an agent when you go to a networking event and there’s literally 15 agents. It pissed my off so bad I started my own club. I started an options trading club and the exposure was great. It showed people I had leadership skills and other agents cannot compete if you are the leader. The stock market club has slowly became a drain on me since nobody wants to talk about stocks, but they want you to teach them. My next goal is to start a real-estate investing club.



3. Magnetic Business Cards

Magnetic business cards may seem inconspicuous, but they are a very powerful form of “guerrilla marketing”. Put them on your friends fridge, at your favorite hangout spot (with permission), and/or areas of high foot traffic. Just to illustrate the power of magnetic business cards: I gave one to my neighbor approximately six months ago. I went into his house the other day. Guess what was hanging on the fridge. Yes, my business card.


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