Real-Estate Agent Schedule Using The 30/30/30 Rule

In real-estate it is very difficult to have an exact schedule, but it is still essential to have an outline for your day so that you are setting goals. Just like any other real-estate agent will tell you, prospecting is key and scheduling this is tricky. The 30/30/30 rule helps newer agents set goals and targets for prospecting while still handling day to day task. Here is how it works:


Overall: DON’T schedule your business through time, but schedule through GOALS. Instead of:

  • Instead of “9am-10am I will make calls” think “this morning I will make 30 phone calls
  • Instead of “I will follow up with four clients” think “I will follow-up with 20 clients”


Scheduling thorough time will DRIVE YOU INSANE. Clients will call you during your “set time” and you will constantly feel like your day is wasted. Scheduling through goals will keep you more focused, prevent you from blowing off prospecting, and preserve your sanity.


30/30/30 is a prospecting schedule that was taught to me when I first started and has helped me tremendously. The 30/30/30 rule will help you set a framework until you can figure out a schedule that works for you. Set your 30/30/30 time for anytime of the day or even break it into chunks. With a goal-based schedule you don’t need to worry about time so much, but this is how mine works.


30 mailers – Morning

30 door knocks – Afternoon

30 coldcalls – Evening

90 people you have just prospected. If you don’t like door knocking or cold-calling, send out 90 mailers! Vice versa. Just make sure you are prospecting 90 people each day. You can even break apart your 30/30/30 into separate chunks


30/30/30 should take your around 3-4 hours each day. You will become more efficient as time progresses. Prospecting is the life blood of the business, so you should give prospecting the most priority.


8am-12pm: 30/30/30

12pm-1: Lunch

1-5pm: 1 Blog, 10 Follow-up e-mails, 10 Follow-up calls,

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