5 Real-Estate Agent Cold Calling Tips

Cold calling is like working out. At first, it’s awkward, painful, and boring. %90 percent of people give up before they see the results it can bring. Many people will even say “Cold-calling is so 90’s. It’s not effective anymore.” I’ve personally seen people build multi million dollar real-estate businesses.



  1. Just realize it takes 6 months MINIMUM to develop a solid strategy & the habit.

When you first start cold calling, it will be literally the worst thing in the world. Every hang up will be a blow to your ego and every blown appointment will seem like. After about 6 months that’s when things start clicking and you actually feel like “If I don’t make calls today, I won’t feel right” feeling. Here are tips on how to sound great while cold-calling.


2. Each day have a set period of time you prospect

It does NOT matter WHEN, just that you DO prospect. Scripts? Standing up? Auto Dialer? None of that matters when you start. Just start calling and worry about that later.


3. Shoot for 1 “nuture” a day minimum. Increase that number as you get better.

A nuture is essentially someone who states “yes”. They have considered buying or selling real-estate. If you call 9-5 random numbers down a mail list. I guarantee you will get at least 1 nuture. If you don’t know how to find number check out my video on that.


4. Don’t call just expired and FSBO. Incorporate apartment tenants, absentee owners, just listed, geo farm, etc.

Many people will say to specifically just call FSBO and expireds, but this strategy is very limited if you live in a smaller city. I have the best success with absentee owners, but I still call expireds and FSBO’s. My favorite propsects are absentee owners. Here is how to find them.


5. Immediately put each nuture into a database along with a detailed record of the conversation you had. 

Not including a detailed description of your nuture is a DEADLY mistake. When you follow up, you want to still have an intimate knowledge of what the prospect talked about. Nothing will make you look more like a noob then not knowing what you talked about and having to re assk questions.

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