10 Real-Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Th biggest concern among new real-estate agents is how-to get business and generate leads. In this blog, I’m going to describe the best lead sources that I’ve ever found to generate real-estate leads:

  • Cold-calling

Cold-calling is a form of lead generation that will never go in or out of style. It’s cheap, effective, and has a huge ROI. At the same time, it’s grueling and difficult to master due to this.

The key point is to call as often and as much as possible. Call FSBO, Expired, Absentee, and start circle prospecting after that. Around 100 people you talk to will = 1 qualified lead.

  • “Want to know how much your house is worth?”

Ask anybody with a house this question and do it often. Collect emails and send people individual CMA’s. You can even use RPR to do all the work for you.

After you’ve collected 50 emails, start sending them market reports. Be wary of “burning” your list by sending useless/self-promoting content. 

  • Craigslist

The best way to generate leads via craigslist is post your listings (or the listings of other agents in your firm). Have a way to opt-in via a website. Many times larger firms will have opt-in forms built right into the website they give you!

TIP: Don’t rush out and buy ClickFunnels/Leadpages before you learn the basics of internet marketing. It will be a waste of money! Everybody selling these products are getting huge commissions.

  • Content Marketing/ SEO / Video

Content marketing is similar to cold-calling. It’s time intensive and takes knowledge to work. It will take you YEARS to build enough content that produces business.

  • BIN’s

A BIN stands for Buyer Instant Notification. Essentially, you go into your MLS and set up an account so that they are sent specific listing updates. What separates a BIN from a Zillow notification is how specific you can get.

Make sure to set the notifications for very specific features in the house so that you don’t burnout the client with too many emails.

  • Home Evaluation

When ever somebody is considering selling they always want to know. “What’s my house worth?” They usually type this into Google first. By having a landing page setup, you can capture these leads and perform CMA’s for people.

TIP: Be wary of jumping into paid ads first unless you have a big budget and/or money coming in. It can be easy to fall into the trap of over-spending

  • Facebook/Instagram/Youtube

The appeal of social media is that you can passively develop relationships with people in mass scale. Social media has went from how you share cat videos into the new TV of the modern area.

There is not secret to social media except post content that people want to see. This can be done through keyword research and figuring out how to be entertaining. Share all your content and ask people to follow you!

  • Paid Ads mainly PPC and Facebook

Paying for ads is what I usually recommend to people AFTER they’ve mastered organic traffic. 

With Facebook, the whole goal is to craft a compelling offer. This offer could take the form of open houses, listings, “list of homes in the 100-200K”, and guides

With PPC, it’s mainly targeting keywords like “realtor wilmington nc”, “home evaluation”. 

  • Referral partners

Many times a very busy single agent can have difficulty handling all the business they have. Yes, other agents in your office will give you free buyer business. All you have to do is ask!

Just say that you are a new agent and any business that they don’t want you will be more then happy to work. This can also be great if you prospect other agents in new markets!

  • Networking

Networking can be a great source of business but it takes time and great effort. This could take the form of a hobby or in clubs that are designed for professional networks.

Just remember to stay consistent and that a few solid relationships can bring you TON’s of business.

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