Safe Areas To Live in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington has somewhat of a reputation for crime. It’s a port city and has a beach. Those are deadly combinations and a huge attractant for shady people, BUT it’s not that bad. According to real statistics (and not hype), Wilmington has as much crime as any other city it’s size. There are VERY safe areas to the city. Here’s my suggestions if you desire a safe area in Wilmington:



  1. Ogden

In my opinion, Ogden just can’t be beat. Great schools, safe area, and AFFORDABLE at $100 per square foot. Ogden has a %3 poverty rate! Not to mention it’s a 15 minute drive from everything. In Ogden, you have everything from $150,000 starter homes to 4,000 sqft behemoths. This area is unmatched if you have a family and want to live in the “suburban sprawl”. I could go on and on about how much I love Ogden, but I will spare you from my ramblings!

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2. Masonboro Loop/Greenville Loop

Known locally as “The Loop”, Masonboro is another great area. Masonboro has an even greater variability of houses with smaller pockets of development. Far less of a “cookie-cutter” vibe compared to Ogden. Again, great location and close to everything. One huge drawback though is the congestion this area is facing. Wilmington has an exploding population and many of these neighborhoods are rapidly losing their tranquility.



3. Landfall

Landfall is a gated golfing community and is very high-end. I would consider it the safest community in Wilmington (unless you wanted to move further out of course!). In fact, I love shopping at the Foodlion right outside because I don’t have to worry about people stealing my laptop! Landfall is actually a MASSIVE place and is one of the last great places (in the actual city) that hasn’t been overdeveloped to death. With all these great perks, you have to expect a huge price tag… nothing in Landfall is under $500,000! Relocating to Wilmington. make sure to check out my blog!

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