Should You Move To North Carolina?

After running this blog for a few years and seeing many people move to NC; it’s exciting to see North Carolina receive recognition! Whether you are leaving California or considering relocating to North Carolina for job opportunities, I’m going to show why you should move to North Carolina:

  1. “To Be, rather then to seem” NC State Motto

WE’re not so obsessed with status. Collectivley North Carolina places more emphasis on living a good life and the culture is low key.

People in North Carolina place a lot less emphasis on status and seem to be less status driven then other cultures. North Carolinians like to keep it low-key.

Example: Research moving to New York. The first person to come up would be a real celebrity. There’s no image that we are living. It’s just what it is.

2. Goldilocks State

Were not so small that there’s nothing to do, but not so large that we have all the societal problems that comes with being so large

Over-population, high cost of living, huge taxes, bloated, draconian government.

2. Opportunity at all levels

Whether you’re looking for a higher education, job opportunities, or even starting a business there’s money here!

  • I started a business and have achieved success without incredible up-front cost. (My bank account would have been drained instantly if I tried to start a real-estate business in Cali.)
  • I got a decent education from East Carolina University and there are even better schools honestly. UNC and Duke are located in NC.
  • There are huge employers in the larger cities. With some decent effort anyone could obtain a job.

3. Outdoors

North Carolina is known for having tons of things to do outdoors. This isn’t just camping but also beautiful beaches.

4. High Growth

15th GDP and one of the fastest growing for Young People.

5. Less Competition

6. Infrastructure & well-funded with an emphasis on preservation

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