SIMPLE Open House Script For Real-Estate Agents

Many people are often confused at what to do or say during an open house. Overall, your first few open houses are going to be awkward, but don’t let that discourage as you will soon get better. This blog is somewhat of a “script” but it is also an outline of how open-houses progress and how to convert clients.


Over-arching concept of open houses: Like it or not, an open house is like a job interview. People are going to subconsciously judging you and will be asking you a ton of questions. An agent who’s knowledgeable about the house, market, and neighborhood will win the client. Bottom-line.


1.Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

I’d highly suggest memorizing:

  • Square-footage
  • # Of Rooms
  • HOA fees
  • Year the house was built
  • Any distinguishing features
  • Recent solds
  • General Characteristics of the neighborhood

This is not just a arbitrary list. People will ask you these things. If you don’t know them, the following script won’t matter at all. 3 Ways To Drive More Traffic To An Open House


So, you see are car roll up and people walk in. What now?

Open the door, let them in, and say. (Remember: Be friendly. Nice neutral smile. Don’t overdo it. People can tell if you are being an over-friendly salesman.)

Hi, my name is Teddy Smith! I’m a real-estate agent with Coldwell Banker”

“How can I help you today?”


At this point people will do 2 things: 1. Avoid you 2. Immediately start asking you questions.

When people are avoiding you, they say “We’re just looking“. This isn’t really a form of disrespect but because people are conditioned to do this by habit. Allow these types of people time to walk around but be close in case they need help or have questions. Eventually, they will have to interact with you so be patient.

When people want information and/or immediately start asking questions: This is your time to shine! Answer all of the questions to your fullest ability and with a “snappyness”. The ability to showcase your knowledge is the key and what’s really going to win people over.

Overall: Open houses very rarely deviate outside these two paths. Don’t bombard people with sales pamphlets, snacks, and your business card. Just let people do what they want and relax. More in-depth info on how to qualify buyers.

You’re answering questions. But now what?

Let’s be real. The overall goal of an open house is to acquire clients. How do we CONVERT. To do this you must make the prospect aware of your services via the dreaded “sales pitch”. Many people freak out but it’s easy once you done it a few times.

As you’ve answered the clients questions, you have developed rapport. You’ve identified that the clients:

  • Is indeed looking for a house and not “windows shopping” (be-careful of this one)
  • Has enough motivation to complete a lengthy transaction (won’t give up after a week of house hunting)
  • “Seems” to be an overall decent human being
  • Overall seems to like you and values your knowledge

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More Open Houses Tips For Real-Estate Agents!

Pitch them.

You: “Mr. Buyer. By any chance are you working with an agent in your house search?”

Buyer: “Why… Now that I think of it I’m not.”

You: “I’d love to be your agent! Here’s my card.”

*Hands buyer magnetic card”

You: “I can help speed up the house buying process and do much of the leg work involved in buying a house”

You: “Just give me a call if you need anything. I’m very easy to reach and I also communicate via text and e-mail”

Buyer: “That actually sounds very nice. Well we are looking for a house with a…..”.

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