Top 5 Reasons For Moving To Wilmington, NC 2018

When moving to any location, people base their decision to move off many things. Wilmington can provide you with the chance to start a newer life in a more exciting location. Here are some the best and UNIQUE reasons to move to Wilmington:


  1. Non-materialistic culture

Wilmington in comparison to other cities is far less materialistic. The median home price in the area is around $170,000, the standard of living is fairly lower, and there corporate job presence isn’t as high. There’s a lot less pressure to be high status here. 

You’re way less likely to hear people talk about the schools their kids go to or the vacations people travel on. I’d say that people here tend to pride themselves on a relaxed beach lifestyle.



2. Very Clean

One thing you will quickly notice about the city is just how CLEAN it is. Even in fairly populated areas, rivers don’t have trash in them and the beaches are relatively litter-free. Wilmington prides itself on a volunteer culture where people regularly have clean up events.




3. Wilmington is a very social place

Wilmington has a STAGGERING amount of bars, restaurants, and social clubs. Everything from your classic dive bar, all the way to some very classy lounges! Whatever you classify as a “good time” or social event, Wilmington will likely have it. Are you interested:

  • Dive bars
  • Night Clubs
  • Tennis Clubs
  • Real-estate investing associations
  • Start your own group!
  • Technology



4. Very diverse

Many times people envision Wilmington as a southern aristocracy run by rich old people. This is about as far from the case as you can get. Wilmington is a very diverse place and has a huge amount of relocation from all parts of the US.

  • Californian’s taking their equity and buying in cash in Wilmington
  • New Yorkers fleeing high property taxes
  • Snow birds looking for a cheap beach house
  • Young people searching for a better future
  • College kids migrating from all across the eastern seaboard

The list goes on and on. Wilmington is a very diverse place with a blend of all demographics.



5. Beautiful People

If you met me in real-life, you wouldn’t guess that I’m very well-traveled. The only place in the world that I’ve seen that has better looking people is Barcelona, Spain. The people in Wilmington are a very good looking bunch. If you want to be around beautiful people, Wilmington is a good place to be!

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