The Definitive Guide To Towns Surrounding Wilmington, NC

  Considering moving to the outskirts of Wilmington? Wondering how to get that BIG yard? Maybe you want to live in a big house without breaking the bank. In this guide, I explain you options when it comes to towns surrounding Wilmington and which one will be best for your lifestyle.

  1. Leland

One of the BIGGEST questions I ever get asked is: “What’s up with Leland?” Leland is becoming one of the fastest growing parts of the Cape Fear region and is actually one of the newest parts of town:

  • One of the fastest growing retirement areas in the ENTIRE state of NC (According to UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Bigger lot sizes
  • More amenities
  • Overall, more bang for your buck
  • Lots of new construction
  • Retiree friendly

My overall opinion of Leland is that it provides a great way to get a new construction house, with a big lot, and a clubhouse, but you must be prepared to commute everyday to work (if you still do work that is). I’ve heard stories where people have purchased in Leland and hated the drive so much that they sold and moved over across the bridge. Commute times will also depend heavily on if you hit peak traffic times.



2. Hampstead

In every city there is a suburb that families flock to that is about 45 minutes outside of town. Hampstead is that city! Hampstead is quickly becoming one of the go-to destinations for families looking for:

  • Great schools
  • Larger houses for less money
  • Bigger lot sizes (not always)
  • New construction
  • Access to the Intracoastal waterway without paying a fortune
  • Family friendly
  • Laid back, rural coastal vibe

Overall, if you are a family seeking a nice, quiet place to live and be close to the water; Hampstead is going to be your ticket. There is new construction galore and affordable options to achieve a quaint lifestyle. Most homes tend to be out of the “starter home” category, but some options do exist! Please contact me if I can help you find something specific.


3. Castle Hayne

When I first moved to Wilmington, Castle Hayne was seen as very rural and not a place that many people perceived as “up-and-coming”. Castle Hayne serves a very specific purpose; it’s one of the best places to get a starter home in Wilmington, NC!

  • Only 5 minutes outside of downtown
  • Very convenient
  • Tons of starter home options and new construction under $300,000
  • Rural
  • Tons of development and projected growth
  • Close to major employers like GE, Screen Gem, etc

Overall, if you’re more concerned with obtaining a home with appreciation potential and meeting your budget, Castle Hayne is a great option. In the past few years, the area has went from a sleepy, rural town into an area where builders are rapidly building!



4. Ogden

Since the early 2000’s, Ogden has literally EXPLODED. There has not been a part of the city that has grown quicker. Ogden is a very attractive part to live in Wilmington, because of:

  • Good schools
  • One of the best locations imaginable. Convenient, safe, and VERY family friendly
  • You’re five minutes from everything and 15 minutes from the beach

Ogden is one of the best places for young people starting families and professionals


5. Porter’s Neck/Bayshore

Porter’s Neck and Bayshore are often simultaneous interchanged and are a popular but smaller area just above Ogden.

  • Great shops and close to everything
  • Near the ICWW
  • Good schools
  • Area that is rapidly expanding

Porter’s Neck is a great option if you are looking for homes in the high $200,000-300,000 and want to be close to everything.


6. Rocky Point/Burgaw

Rocky Point is just above the Cape Fear River and is known as one of the more rural places to live:

  • Acerage
  • If you’re commuting to GE or the indurstrail park of Wilmington
  • If you like to not have neighbors and/or want more privacy without paying huge sums of money


7. Winnabow/Navassa

Very similar to Rocky Point and Burgaw, but out of Leland.






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