What’s Wilmington, NC Like?

I think before somebody moves to a new place, they envision a utopia. Before I moved to Wilmington, I almost envisioned a utopia where everybody played on the beach all day and studied sea turtles. Overall, Wilmington is just like any other city. You go to work, hangout with your friends, etc. But I’m going to try to paint a picture for somebody planning to move here:


  1. Wilmington is a very diverse place with alot of depth. You could make it “like” you want it to be,

I don’t that in a vague or condescending way either. Wilmington is a place where you could live very diverse lifestyles.

  • Want lots of money & live in luxury? Plenty of entrepreneurial endevours, start-ups, management positions. (If you’re willing to work, there’s opportunity)
  • Want to be a “beach bum” and get drunk on the beach? Rent is cheap enough here that a full-time bar job could provide you a roof.
  • Want to retire?┬áThere are nice golf courses here.
  • Want to party? There’s a huge university & downtown.


MY STORY: Before coming to Wilmington, I lived and worked in a place that I HATED. I had no friends, no opportunity, and lived in a place where there was nothing to do. I came to Wilmington to live the beach lifestyle and get a decent well-paying job. Took me a while, but I finally did it.


2. The beach lifestyle is pervasive

No matter how much money you make or how poor you are. The “beach life” is pervasive.

  • People take off to go to the beach, boating, etc.
  • Everybody surfs, boats, or has a beach-related hobby
  • People workout and are into fitness
  • If you’re not tan, you stick out

Overall, Wilmington life isn’t as slow-paced as you see in places like Hawaii, but people tend to be fairly relaxed and in a good mood here.


3. Wilmington has a coastal, small town, and California vibe

  • The city itself only has around 100-200,000, so it is small.
  • With palm trees, sandy soil, and temperate it has a coastal vibe.

Many people claim that Wilmington is southern, but I don’t really feel that. I feel more of a Cali vibe with things like Mexican restaurants, seafood, and surfing culture.

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