3 Wilmington, NC Relocation Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Relocating to Wilmington, NC can be both exciting and nerve-racking (just like any other move). Wilmington is experiencing a population explosion and the amount of people migrating here is staggering. Many people are moving across and large distances, so here are tips to make your relocation much easier:


  1. Have a job lined up before you move (Most important in my opinion)


When relocating, MAKE SURE you have a stable job lined up. Wilmington, NC is infamous for NOT a lack of jobs, BUT a lack of higher paying corporate jobs. Finding a higher paying job isn’t impossible in the city, but it can be incredibly difficult. Here are few tips to help your job process go a bit more smoothly:

  • Go to the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and call businesses
  • Scour Google
  • Join clubs, networking events, and go to job fairs



#2 Have money saved up. Relocating isn’t cheap.


Moving is expensive. I’d highly recommend having any nice cushion of money saved up before you leave. How much you might ask? I had around $10K that I went through quickly, BUT I didn’t have a job when I came here. The amount of money you should save will vary drastically, but I will give you a nice rule of thumb:

  • The less you plan the more money you will need!
  • Don’t have a job lined up? Relocating will cost more.
  • Plan on moving to a nice area? More expenses.

The biggest cost will be living expenses BY FAR. That’s why I stress make sure you have a job!


#3 Be careful where you buy or rent

As a real-estate agent, I’ve seen people buy/rent property sight unseen. Wilmington is a great city, but everything has it’s flaws. If I could distill my real-estate knowledge into a few small bullet points:

  • Stay away from the university & downtown if you enjoy peace and quiet
  • Go to a property AT NIGHT before you buy.
  • Hang out at a property for a few hours and talk to a few neighbors
  • Hire a real-estate agent to go door-to-door for you! (Check out the contact page for my contact details. I do this regularly for clients!)

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