When relocating to Wilmington, NC the most common denominator I find is that people are either coming from the west coast, up north, or other parts of NC. Wherever you come from you will notice that Wilmington, NC has many qualities that people from all over find appealing. This relocation blog is mainly a collection of blog posts that I hope help inform you about Wilmington and what it has to offer!




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3 Wilmington, NC Relocation Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here are just a few relocation tips to get you started in Wilmington. If I could pin-point one area to start in the relocation blog, this would be it! These tips will help you stream line your relocation process and save time and money when moving to Wilmington.


What’s It Like Living In Wilmington, NC? (Pros Vs Cons)

Before coming to Wilmington, it’s nice to have an honest answer of what the city is really like! In this post, I lay out some of the true pros and cons of living in Wilmington. The port city is a great place to live but it is far from a utopia.


Apartment Rental Guide Wilmington

The vast majority of people in Wilmington are going to college, starting a new job, and/or have a “migratory lifestyle”. One thing you must watch out for is signing a lease for a BAD apartment. This a guide that I made to help prevent that and to help you avoid over paying for an apartment!


Is Wilmington, NC A Safe Place To Live?

Another topic that people seem to want answered is crime. Here I answer specific questions regarding crime data, where crime is most likely to happen, and some of my thoughts on the issue.


Safe Areas To Live in Wilmington, NC

Maybe you are ready to jump right and buy a house here. MANY buyers have cashed out from their pricey pads up north and are ready to buy! If this is you I will tackle the questions of “Where’s a safe place to live?”.


Wilmington, NC Real-Estate | 4 Things That Can Save 1000’s

Wilmington, NC real-estate is just like any market; it has it’s rules, customs, and differences. I’m going to talk about some of the pitfalls that many people run into before they purchase a house and how you can avoid (while saving yourself tons of cash)!


Best Neighborhoods To Live In Wilmington, NC (Under $300K)

Wilmington is fairly large city, so choosing an neighborhood can be daunting. Remember these neighborhoods aren’t an all inclusive list, but more or less a list of Wilmington’s most popular neighborhoods.


Affordable Neighborhoods in Wilmington

Truth be told, to live in an incredibly safe neighborhood can be expensive! Maybe you are a young professional and luxury does not concern you (I fall into this category, so don’t feel ashamed). Here are affordable and fairly safe neighborhoods in Wilmington: